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Knitting4Peace Project

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Knitting4Peace harnesses the power of love through compassionate creative action that invites, involves, and serves people of all genders, children, and families in our own communities and countries around the world.

What is Knitting4Peace

Knitting4Peace welcomes hand-crafted yarn and quilted items (knit, crochet, woven, etc.) that incorporate an element of 3 in any creative manner. This element of 3 represents many aspects of what we do. Firstly, it represents the trifold connections among the creator of the item, the recipient, and the Spirit of Life that creates and unites all of creation. It also symbolizes the importance of the three Abrahamic faith traditions -- Judaism, Christianity, Islam -- to global peace: because these three traditions represent 2/3 of the world’s population, there is virtually no chance for global peace until our Abrahamic Family is knit together in a tapestry of respect and commitment to compassionate coexistence. The element of 3 also represents our work of crafting three essential elements of life: hope, healing, and peace.

How you incorporate 3 in your item is up to you! Perhaps you can choose to incorporate:

  • Use of 3 colors in your design

  • A pattern based on 3s such as k3, p3; or a number of cast-on stitches or rows divisible by 3

  • Fringe with 3 pieces of yarn

  • Use of triangular shapes

Peace Pal Dolls and Preemie Hats

Smith Mountain Lake Women's Club members makes Peace Pal Dolls and preemie hats for Knitting4Peace. Peace Pals Dolls are automatically a 3 with the head, torso, and legs. There are many possibilities! See how you can creatively weave in your element of three to symbolize these loving connections.

Patterns can be downloaded here:

See the Knitted Preemie Hat Pattern that has been used for many years below:

Please contact us if you wish to help us make Peace Pal Dolls.

Our Contribution to Knitting4Peace in 2022

The national Knitting4Peace suggested providing the dolls and preemie hats to local organizations, but will accept them if shipped. We voted at the October 2022 meeting to donate dolls and preemie hats to a local pregnancy center.

The picture shows the Peace Pal Dolls and preemie hats that our members donated in 2022.


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