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A New Beginning - Coming out of our Cocoon

President's message to members after face-to-face meetings resume

I read that Monarch Butterflies are declining. Three years ago, I decided I was going to make a butterfly garden. I bought quite a few milkweed plants and this year I saw my first caterpillar eating the leaves. It made me think of the pandemic and how butterflies could relate to us. We have all been in this cocoon, so to speak, having to stay home, not being able to do much, or go anywhere. Now, here we are, we have all come out of our cocoon and it is a new beginning for all of us. That is why I chose the butterfly as the symbol of my theme “A New Beginning”. I like to think that each of us is one of these pretty crystals hanging off of my glass butterfly. The crux of my theme is in this poem shown in the picture.

That’s what we are all about in a nutshell.

Dianne Vallimont


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