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The Skeleton Crew Visits SMLWC

The Smith Mountain Lake Skeleton Crew is the creation of Smith Mountain Lake's very talented and creative, Andrea Smarrelli (known by her friends as Andie). She has been a full-time SML resident since spring of 2022. When she became a full-time resident she wanted to get to know the area better. So she created a Facebook page dedicated to chronicling her Skeleton Crew as they visited various places. She now gets very active with the crew during the month of October.

On on October 19, 2022, Andie's Skeleton Crew visited the Smith Mountain Lake Women's Club at our October meeting. See some of their antics in the gallery of pictures below:

See more about the SML Skeleton Crew here at Meet the Skeleton Crew.

See more about Andie here at SML Creatives - Andrea Smarrelli.


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